My reasons for creating the group

When I first put this together, it was following a brief message I posted on Facebook after remembering some names of people whom I had served with as it is coming up to my 10 years as a civvi (where does time go?). As more and more people saw my post, it became apparent that not everyone knew who had passed and who hadn’t. So that’s why I thought it was important to create the group and one of the main principles was that I wasn’t going to be too dictatorial about who goes on the list as they were someone’s friend and colleague.

To me we were all friends and colleagues regardless of cap badge; we did wear the blue beret though.

I never expected this to gain as much traction as it did in such a short time, but because it did, I decided to dedicate some time and effort into remembering the guys properly.

Please remember, my sole objective was to remember people as I have been a civvi for nearly 10 years, nothing more. This is not a regimental publication or anything like that. That said, I am more than happy to take comments on how to make this better chaps.

Kind regards,

Chris Hitchens aka Splodge