Alan Camley


Pay Respect

Sadly I have only just learned that an old mate passed away back in Nov 2011 over in Australia aged only 46. ALAN CAMLEY and I were RCT Movcons many years back and he went to the AAC around 87/88, we lost touch and by the time I took the plunge and went flying he had left. I heard that he was involved in the “Sooty” Gazelle incident and was grounded due to it, at which point he made the decision to leave, he may not have transferred fully at the time…really not sure of the detail but perhaps someone else is. Either way he earned his wings through hard graft.
Anyway he went on to have an incredibly successful career in CivDiv, ending up as the General Manager of Coles Group in Australia….it’s a bit like the top job in Tesco’s UK..not at all bad for a wee jock with no qualifications other than a school boxing certificate. I’m not sure I can get any more detail.


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