Thomas 'Tam' Connolly



Pay Respect

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with sadness that Hawkeye has been informed of recent deaths in our veteran community.

Thomas (known as “Tam”) Connolly served in the Army Air Corps in the 1980s. Whilst serving in 658 Squadron AAC with 7 Regiment AAC at Netheravon he was awarded Commendation by Director Army Air Corps for preventing an incident when he spotted a fault with Gazelle XX372 which was preparing to lift. He indicated to the pilot to close down the aircraft and called for assistance. In the citation it was recorded that, “…by Airtrooper Connolly’s diligence and attention to detail he averted a potentially serious fault, which could have put the aircraft and crew at great risk”. Tam attended the Army Air Corps Junior NCO Cadre course that year and was subsequently selected for promotion and appointed as the driver for Director Army Air Corps, initially with Major General Goodman and then Major General Busk.
Tam’s funeral is to be held at the Glasgow Crematorium in Maryhill at 1245 on Fri 30 Jun 23. Our thoughts are with his brother Eugene and his many friends and comrades.


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