Roy Dixon



Pay Respect

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I regret to inform you that Gen Roy Dixon died peacefully on the evening of Monday 22 January 2018, aged 92, at the Abbey Nursing Home in Amesbury. Gen Roy enlisted into the RA in 1942 and was selected for RAC officer training in 43. He was commissioned in Feb 44 to join 5 RTR. As 3 Tp Ldr, A Sqn, he landed on Gold Beach in Jun 44 and was awarded the MC in Aug 44 for the ‘stamina, courage and skill shown by him, which was an inspiration to his squadron’ during one day of action. With 5 RTR, he fought through Normandy, Belgium, Holland and Germany, rising to be Adjutant by the end of the war. In peacetime, his key staff appointments included: Bde Maj 20 Armd Bde (57-59); DS Staff Coll Camberley (61-64); MA to CGS (67-68); DMS 2 at MOD Stanmore (72-73); Dir Army Avn as a Maj Gen (74-76); COS, HQ AFNORTH, Oslo, (77-80). His command appointments included: CO 5 RTR (66-67); and Comd RAC, 1 (BR) Corps (68-70). Gen Roy was Col Comdt RTR (78-80). He retired from the Army in 1980 and was Rep Col Comdt RTR (80-83). He was appointed Chapter Clerk, College of St George, Windsor Castle (81-90), worked as a volunteer advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau, Salisbury, and became a voluntary guide and Steward in Salisbury Cathedral (95-until recently).

He was appointed as Director Army Aviation in Feb 74, having completed Army Pilot Course No 231, which ran from Jun 73 to Feb 74. He handed over his appointment in 1976. The appointment title was changed to Director Army Air Corps in 1975. That change in title was important because it marked the successful restructuring and centralisation of Army Aviation under the Army Air Corps. That process had been worked up in 1972/73 and was implemented during General Roy’s tenure. It resulted in a professional Groundcrew stream and dedicated specialist support from the REME and RAOC. It also rationalised the Army Aviation support to the front line Divisions and Brigades, which was an important foundation for the deployment of armed helicopters. In his first progress report he wrote, “…1974 was a year during which we consolidated the results of our reorganisation, made great progress in the personnel field and started on our aircraft re-equipment programme … We have kept up an intense flying effort with a credible safety record. We are looking ahead to new roles…” In 1976, on handing over his appointment as Director, he reported “ … This is a very exciting time in the development of Army flying, with the introduction of excellent new aircraft and with unprecedented development of techniques under the spur of operations ” . His words ring true today. In his farewell he said, “…It has been a very great honour for me to serve as your Director … I shall greatly miss the cheerful professionalism that I have always found amongst Army aviators…”

Gen Roy is survived by his nieces and nephew: Mrs Fiona Grandidge; Mrs Ursula Mason; Mr Richard Mason; and Mrs Sheena Ryde. Gen Roy’s funeral will be family only. There will however be a Memorial Service on Wed 21 Feb at 14.30 at St Mary & St Melor Church, Church St, Amesbury, SP4 7EU. If you are able to attend would you please let me know and I will inform the family in advance. Thank you.


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