JOhn Douglas 'Jack' Griffiths



Pay Respect

Dear all,
Received from RHQ:
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with sadness that we report the passing of ex GPR WO2 DJ Griffiths LdH at the age of 96 (15 Nov 21 – 5 Nov 17). He was known as Jack or Griff to his comrades in the Glider Pilot Regiment and his friends in the Army Air Corps and was a staunch member of the Association. Griff served with the Royal Signals as a Despatch Rider from 1937 to 1942 and was a veteran of Dunkirk. He transferred to the GPR and saw service in Normandy and Arnhem. He was made a prisoner of war at Arnhem and was sent to Stalag Luft IVB near Leipzig. He and a number of fellow POW escaped as the war drew to a close. Events following that escape and his encounter with the Allied Forces include bagging a seat on a US aircraft to get back to UK. Griff returned to flying duties with the GPR and was a Hastings and DC3 crew member during the Berlin Airlift. His final tour of duty was with 1912 (Recce) Flight before retiring in 1953. His love of flying remained throughout his life, as those who knew him will know. Our thoughts are with his family and his many friends and comrades.
It is regretted that we do not have details of his funeral – information is welcomed from any members who may be aware.
We are grateful to AACVA member Simon Salter who spotted the notice in the 8 Nov 17 edition of the Eastern Daily Press.

Kind Regards



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