Nigel Knight


Pay Respect

Dear all,

Received from RHQ:
Ladies and Gentlemen,
it is with sadness that we report the news that Nigel Knight died on 2 Dec 17 following a period of illness. We have very little information on Nigel. He was known to be a member of the TA Pool operating out of 7 Regt AAC(V) in the 1980s.
His funeral is to be held at the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Mortlake SW14 8JA, London on 20 Dec 17 and we have been informed that it is at “midday”. We have no information as to the family’s wishes regarding attendance of the service, however, there is to be a gathering afterwards at the Bull’s Head in Barnes. Our thoughts are with his wife, Denise, his family and his friends at this time.
I have added his name to the Honour Roll. RIP Sir
Please add any comments, or photos you may have so that his family and friends can learn more about him.
Many thanks for your help and cooperation.
Kind regards


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