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I regret to inform you that I have learned that Colonel David Mallam lost his battle with cancer on Sunday 7th July 2013.

David will be known to many of you as a significant figure in our Corps from the early days of the Integrated Flight Scheme through to the late 80s in service and during his subsequent retirement, which included intimate involvement in our own Museum and in the Airborne Forces Museum.

He was commissioned into the RTR in 1957 and subsequently completed the Army Pilot Course. His AAC service included 656 Sqn AAC, command of 3 Regt AAC 1975 – 77 and Commandant AACen 1983 – 85.

David was a well known, well respected and well liked man. He had strong links with the Royal Tank Regiment into which he was commissioned and for whom he served in the Recce Flight and at Regimental Duty as a subaltern and Troop leader.

He also commanded the RAC Para Squadron and developed strong ties with Airborne Forces that continued into his retirement at their Museum in Duxford. The family also has ties with the Ghurkha Rifles.

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Airborne Forces service history

1956-1957 RMAS, (Officer Cadet)
1958-1961 3RTR, (Lieutenant)
1961-1962 HQ Allied Forces N Europe, (Acting Captain)
1962-1963 AAC Center, (Captain)
1963-1964 656 Sqn AAC, (Captain)
1967 Armor School Fort Knox, (Captain)
1968 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, (Captain)
1970 Army Staff College, (Captain)
1971-1972 PARACHUTE SQUADRON, RAC, (Major)
1973-1974 HQ British Army of The Rhine, (Major)
1975-1977 3 Regiment AAC, (Lieutenant-Colonel)
1978-1980 Nigerian Staff College, (Lieutenant-Colonel)
1981-1982 RMA Sandhurst, (Lieutenant-Colonel)
1983-1985 AAC Centre, (Colonel)


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