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From Patrick Pontet-Piccolomini:

Major Peter Stephen MILBOURN MBE REME

I first new Peter when he was WO1 (ASM) 3 Regt AAC, Soest. In 1986 the family moved to Andover on Peter’s appointment to a Commission & bought house in Charlton. Peter loved sailing, owned a yacht; he was also treasurer REME Yacht Club. Awarded MBE 1991 for service in Iraq. Died 16 July 2004 at sea, Poole – while on his yacht at Studland Bay suffered chest pains; RNLI went to rescue but he died on their boat. Leaves widow Alison, daughter Sarah and son Nicholas.

Memorial by widow 23/05/2008

In memory of Peter Stephen Milbourn who lives on in the hearts and memories of those who love him. Born to sail, forced to work. The RNLI came to his aid and for that his family thank them”.




It is with regret that I write following the sudden death of Maj Peter S Milbourn MBE (Retd) on 16th July 2004.

Peter Milbourn joined the Army at the age of 19 years. The recruiting sergeant pointed him in the direction of REME to Helicopter engines & airframes. Peter it seems had an idea of becoming a dog handler but was guided in a far better direction.

After initial training he went to a first posting in Malaya and then on to Singapore. A mixture of postings followed between the UK and Germany. These were a variety in themselves and included a fibreglass workshop at RAF Old Sarum, 19 Fd Regt RA, RNAY Fleetlands and of course mainly the AAC.

On leaving the army in 1997 after a career of over 30 years, he spent a short time as an RO before moving on to DERA, later QinetiQ, at Boscombe Down.

His proudest moments included fatherhood in 1974 and 1976, his commission in 1986 and the award of the MBE in 1991, following the Gulf conflict

Peter’s main hobby and relaxation was sailing which he enjoyed for almost 30 years. He began in September 1974 by way of an adventure training course at Keil in Germany and returned on a regular basis over the years, sometimes to instruct but always to enjoy. A stint as Treasurer for the REME Yacht Club he felt was only fair in exchange!

A Funeral Service in celebration of the life of Peter Milbourn was held at Salisbury Crematorium on 23rd July 2004. The service was well attended by family, friends, previous Army comrades and work collegues. A leaving collection and donations in lieu of flowers raised over £600, which was donated to the RNLI.

Peter lived his life to the full and will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him. He leaves a wife Alison, and son and daughter, Nick and Sarah, in whose memories a much loved husband and father will continue to live.


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