Algy Parslow



Pay Respect

From Angus Saunders:

According to September 2011’s Hawkeye, my old OC LAD Major Algy Parslow (REME) is no longer with us. Algy was OC LAD at Hildesheim when I arrived in 83 and made quite an impression on me by ordering me to go on a Snow Queen. Who was I to argue, so I went.

He was also a keen sailor and would sail frantically round and round the Edersee trying to get us to join him while we drank ourselves half to death and back again on the shore. We did try and ram him with those electric boats you hired but I don’t recall anyone actually joining him.

Algy started off life in the navy and was part of the influx of navy techs who brought their skills but more importantly, the game of uckers to army aviation.


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