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Dear Members,
Sadly Peter Short passed away on 4th August 2015. Our condolences go to his family and friends.
Peter Short was an Artillery Officer who attended AOP Course 82, between June 1951 and January 1952 (photo attached).
He went straight to 656 Squadron in Malaya, first in SHQ at Kuala Lumpur, then with 1902 Flight in Benta. Later, he agreed to extend his tour in Malaya by six months, and was given command of 1902 Flight, at that time stationed at Sembawang, the RNAS in Singapore.

His wife Ann accompanied him to Malaya, and their son Walter was born there. His service with 656 in Malaya finished in 1955.

Some of his memories, and a photo of him, appear in the book “Auster to Apache” as Appendix 6, and there may be some material there that you find useful, including bombing terrorist jungle camps by dropping grenades out of an Auster.
Peter attended a 656 Sqn Association dinner in September 2011, in Amesbury – the attached photo of that event shows him in the centre, with moustache.

Below some facts about Peter from our Archives:
379346 SHORT, Peter Desmond Bowen, Capt RA.
Born 8 March 1926
Commissioned into the Royal Artillery in May 1947
Posted from 49 Field Regt. RA to Middle Wallop for AOP Course 82 (completed January 1952)
Service in Malaya with 656, as noted earlier.
Promoted to Captain April 1953
MID Twice, in October 1954 & May 1955 (both for service in Malaya)
Returned from Malaya in 1955
Retired in the rank of Captain on 19 March 1957


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