James Simpson-Tigar


Pay Respect

It is with sadness that we report the death of Staff Sergeant James Bertram Simpson Tigar, a veteran of the Glider Pilot Regiment at the age of 101 (22 Mar 1918 – 4 Mar 2019). Jim had enlisted for the Royal Artillery in 1939. He transferred to the Glider Pilot Regiment in February 1942 and served with them through to 1946. During that service he took part in the invasion of Sicily and operations in Italy flying Waco gliders. He was transferred to F Sqn in time for the Normandy landings and then took part in the battle for Arnhem, where he was successfully returned to UK via Brussels.

Hawkeye reported that Jim had celebrated his 100th birthday on 22 Mar 18 at his home in Scotland with his family and friends around him. Member of the AAC APC team made a surprise visit to join in with the celebrations. Jim thoroughly enjoyed that day and spent port of the time chatting with his guests and going through his log book which contained a number of drawing and newspaper cutting from his time in service


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