Laurie Weeden



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Staff Sergeant Laurie Weeden (6 Jun 22 – 14 Nov 20) was a veteran of both the Normandy Landings and the battle for Arnhem in 1944. He and his second pilot Sgt Griffiths flew from Blakehill Farm with F Squadron GPR . This was part of Op Tonga, a night landing on LZ K in Normandy aimed at destroying bridges over the R Dives. Laurie’s glider carried a jeep and trailer, two motorcycles and four passengers, including a Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer. After the tricky business of unloading, the jeep combination was pressed into use to carry the explosives that resulted in the partial destruction of one of the target bridges. Glider Pilots were exfiltrated back to UK as quickly as possible to prepare for any further airborne operations that might be required. Subsequently the Regiment was stood by for a number planned operations, which were to develop as Operation Market Garden, for which Laurie and his comrades were to play a major part.
After the Second World War Laurie followed a successful career as a Chartered Accountant. He was also a keen yachtsman. A staunch and valuable member of the Glider Pilot Regiment Association, he continued to represent the Airborne Forces as the leader of pilgrimages to Normandy and Arnhem, and as a representative at commemorative and memorial occasions. In RHQ AAC we will remember him as our charming companion at the annual Field of Remembrance service at Westminster.
Our thoughts are with his wife Ann, his family and his many friends in UK, France and Holland.


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