Morton, Ian

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From Lee Dobson

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, sadly, Ian Morton sadly passed away yesterday after being in an induced comma due to CoVID. Ian was my first SSM at 7 Flight in Berlin and was the nicest guy you could ever meet. Berlin was a tight knit group and I had the pleasure of meeting his family, too, and they were just as wonderful as Ian. His passing brings tears to my eyes and my sincere condolences to Wendy and the rest of his family.

Williamson, Colin

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Breitsche, Sean

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From Steve Brining

Sean Breitsche was born July 1, 1973 in Barking, England. Died October 2, 2018 in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

He was with me at MW during flying training circa 2001. Can’t recall if he completed pilot trg, or cap badge, but I do believe it was AAC. Assume rank was Lt / Capt prior to leaving.

Obituary reads: Sean grew up in Calgary and graduated from Crescent Heights High School in 1991. He went to the University of Calgary to study computer sciences. In 1996, Sean decided he wanted to be a pilot and left for London, England to join the British Military. He graduated from Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in 1999 and posted with the Army Air Corps. Sean completed a tour in Ireland in 2001 and was deployed to Iraq in 2003. Leaving the military, Sean began his entrepreneurial ventures, and opened a surf shop in Waterloo Station and then worked in the payment processing sector.

Regtl Sec may be able to provide more info.

Best regards,


Deakin, Micael

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It is with sadness that Hawkeye has learned of the death of Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Michael Francis Deakin (29 Jul 35 – 28 Oct 22) Queens Regt/AAC. Michael was conscripted for National Service in 1954 and went on to be selected for Officer training at MONS OCS in 1955. He commissioned into the Middlesex Regiment from RMAS in 1957. He served with the Regiment in Cyprus, BAOR and UK before qualifying as an Army Pilot and Light Aircraft Course No 155 in 1962. His first posting in the AAC was with 651 Light Aircraft Squadron. He converted to Scout in 1963 and was seconded to the Royal Malaysian Air Force, serving with them in Malaya and Borneo until 1966. He rejoined the Middlesex Regiment in Northern Ireland at the end of his tour where he commanded A Company and remained at Regimental Duty when the Regiment amalgamated to become 4 Battalion the Queen’s Regiment. He returned to flying duties in 1968 and transferred to the Army Air Corps, completing a Sioux conversion course as part of that transition and taking command of the Royal Scots Greys Air Troop based in Fallingbostel. Following a four year tour as an SO3 in Land Air Warfare and what was to become Personal Branch AAC he took command of 6 Aviation Flight at Netheravon and then as OC 659 Squadron in BAOR and Northern Ireland. In 1975/76 he was GSO 2 SD4/G Ops in HQ BAOR before attending the US Armed Forces Staff College as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1977. On return to UK later that year he converted to Gazelle and carried out Lynx familiarisation in preparation for Command of 3 Regiment AAC based in Soest. He completed his Command tour in the Spring of 1980 and took post at AG 14 Personnel Branch in Stanmore. That was followed by two years as the British Liaison Officer with 2 (French) Corps in France and Baden-Baden and then on to be the NORTHAG LO for 1 (German) Corps based in Munster. He returned to UK for his final tour in Bovington with the development group there.

Thompson, Michael

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Recieved from RHQ

It is with sadness that Hawkeye has been informed that Sergeant (Retd) Michael (Mick) Stephen Thompson (4 Mar 57 – 5 Sep 22) – Para/AAC died tragically in a road traffic accident on 5 Sep 22.

Mick enlisted for service with the Parachute Regiment and had been posted to 3 Para. In 1981 he attended Aircrewman Course No 45 and subsequently transferred to the AAC. He was posted to 657 Squadron AAC, at that time based in Oakington near Cambridge. His time with 657 Squadron included a tour in the Falkland Islands, where the AAC was providing post Op Corporate roulement detachments in support of the Defence Force. He converted to Lynx on Aircrewman Course No 30 in 1983 and was subsequently posted to 4 Regt AAC based in Detmold. He qualified as a pilot on APC 318 in 1989. His tour with 4 Regt AAC/654 Sqn AAC included the deployment to the Gulf. Mick’s recollection of one particular action during the operation was published in the AAC Journal:

26.02.1991 – Day Two – 654 Sqn, Gulf War.
I was the recce flight commander at the time. I had two Gazelle and one Lynx working with me. We were tasked to clear the Start Line and move forward to Line Tory. We moved up, and were a bit surprised to find the two squadrons of tanks and APCs already clearing the Start Line. The attack went through with the artillery barrage and we were given the clearance to go forward. We moved forward initially in front of the tanks. We stopped and then the OC ordered me and the other Gazelle and Lynx to move to the North to start clearing that area, leaving the other Lynx in the South. We moved forward, and were just about to engage when he thought he saw friendly forces. We stopped. By this time the OC had arrived and he ordered the HELARM to carry on. Another tank was taken out. By that stage the weather was getting quite bad, fuel was low, and we decided to abort.

Sergeant Michael Stephen Thompson went on to serve with 665 Sqn AAC in NI and then with 9 Regt AAC/664 Sqn AAC in Dishforth before retiring from service in 1997.

Our thoughts are with his wife Gill and family, and with his many friends and comrades.


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Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is with great sadness that Hawkeye has learned of the untimely and tragic death of Major (Retd) Martin Alexander (Maz) Wood (10 Jan 70 – 17 May 22). Martin served from 1986 until his retirement in late 2021. He joined us from the Junior Leaders Regiment and went on to serve with 3 Regt AAC in Soest and at Wattisham, and later with 9 Regt AAC in Dishforth. He was posted to 1 Regt AAC in Gutersloh in 2002 and commissioned in 2004. A period of service at Middle Wallop saw him returning to 1 Regt AAC in Gutersloh in 2012 where he was appointed as OC HQ Sqn. When the Regiment moved to Yeovilton he was briefly appointed as COS ARF before taking up a post at DE&S at Abbey Wood. In his final years of military service he was 2IC of 5 Regt AAC at Aldergrove and then on the Staff of HQ 1 Avn Bde CT at Middle Wallop. On retirement he took up a Civil Service post at Abbey Wood, working on the Watchkeeper project. Those of us who served and worked with Maz will remember him as competent, hard working professional and genial friend
Our thoughts are with his wife, Esther, his sons Lucas, Liam and Louis and with his many friends and comrades within our serving and retired communities.

Mallock, Geoffrey Ross

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is with great sadness that Hawkeye has learned of the untimely death of Colonel (Retd) Geoffrey Ross Mallock AFC (12 Dec 40 -27 May 22). Many will know him as Ross Mallock, a larger than life character who was a talented musician, an amusing writer and a likeable entrepreneur who could organise and enthuse others to assist him in delivering ideas and events. He was born in in India, the son of a Cavalryman who was charged with the unenviable task of converting his fellows onto armoured cars. Small wonder that Ross chose the Royal Tank Regiment when he graduated from Sandhurst in 1961 and joined 5 RTR. He took advantage of the Integrated Flight Scheme to qualify as an Army Pilot on Light Aircraft Course 168. From there he joined 3 RTR Air Troop at Detmold in 1965. He remained with the Flight until late 1966 when he was selected for training as an Instructor and qualified in 1967, with a promotion to Captain.
Following a brief period as an Instructor at Middle Wallop Ross was posted as Second in Command and QHI of the UN Flight operating out of Nicosia in Cyprus. His Flight Commander at that time was the Late Major David Craig GM, who went on to be the first AAC Secretary, who almost immediately put Ross in harm’s way by sending him to observe a clash between EOKA and UN Troops on the ground. His appearance overhead in a UN Sioux immediately drew gunfire from the malcontents, probably to the relief of the Green Jackets who were facing them. Ross later recalled his time with the UNFICYP Flight in verse form, which was published in the AAC Journals of 1967 and 1968. He returned to Middle Wallop in 1968 for a brief period before being posted to his own 5 RTR Air Squadron but that drew to a close quickly when he was approved for transfer to the permanent cadre of the AAC in late 1969 and became a volunteer display pilot with the Blue Eagles team. It was during this period that his work in Aviation was recognised and rewarded with the award of the Air Force Cross.

1971 was an important year for Ross for it was then that he married Vivien. Shortly after that important event he graduated from Staff College and was promoted to Major, taking post as a Staff Officer in the HQ Director Army Aviation at Middle Wallop for a two year tour until taking command of 663 Squadron, which was a sub unit of 3 Regiment Army Air Corps. His promotion to Lieutenant Colonel followed in 1979 and command of 9 Regiment AAC, which was based in Detmold at that time. From Regimental Command he went on to be an SO1 at what was known at that time as Personnel Branch 14, responsible for the career management of AAC Officers and then onto a post at HQ UK Land Forces. He was Commandant of the Army Air Corps Centre at Middle Wallop in 1988 and retired in 1994. He did not go quietly into retirement. His connection to and with the Army Air Corps continued through a number of ventures. As a member of the Tactical Doctrine Branch of HQ DAAvn he was also the amusing and skilled editor of the annual AAC Journal, persuading such renowned cartoonists of the time to illustrate the publications. He was also heartily involved in the AAC Air Days and the Museum’s Music in the Air events, acting as compare and getting involved in their organisation. He was also a skilled writer, with a wry humour, who published a number of amusing books including, Telling Tales, Botanic Verses, Many a Slip, Tales for Beginners and The Likes of Leicester.
Colonel Ross Mallock AFC embraced the Army Air Corps when he chose to cross the floor as a young RTR pilot and it was the AAC who drew benefit from that. He is survived by his wife, Vivien (Vivi), his son Toby and daughter Sarah and their children. It is worth mentioning that Vivi is a talented artist in her own right who sculpted busts of the HRH Prince of Wales and HM The Queen Mother, and, more recently created the magnificent bronze eagle that tops the Army Air Corps Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

Fraser, Peter

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From RHQ

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is with sadness that Hawkeye has learned of the passing of Major (Retd) Peter Fraser RA/Int Corps/AAC (2 Sep 30 – 22 Mar 22). Peter commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1951, serving with 75 and 54 Anti Aircraft Regiments in his early years. Following a brief period with 68 Trg Regt RA he attended the Long Russian Language Course. Graduating from that course in 1957 he was posted as the Intelligence Officer (IO) to 4 Communications Company and then served in that role with the Royal Signals, including 10, 12 and 1 Signals Regiments. Following a Company Commanders course at the School of Infantry, he joined HQ 1 Guards Bde as their GSO 3 Int in 1960 and then moved to HQ 51 Infantry Bde in the same role. He was selected for Pilot training and graduated from Light Aircraft Course 153 as an Auster pilot in 1963. There followed a posting to 654 Sqn AAC, at that time-based in Hildesheim. He converted to rotary in 1963 and on promotion to Major joined HQ 1 Wing AAC in Detmold as the IO. He retired from Regular service in 1967 but remained as a TA pilot until 1974. His retirement from the Regular Army was followed by a long career with the Civil Service until full retirement in the late 1990s.
Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

The funeral for Peter Fraser will be held at 1400 on Tue 12 Apr 22 at St Stephen’s Church, Baghurst, Tadley RG26 5JY.

Edwards, John

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Reported from John Jasper

An other Veteran that passed on recently for you to place on the HR.
John F Edwards Ssgt
Passed 16 February 2022
Thank you, Chris, take care Regards

Osland, John

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